suppa da verzi, zucoria e strascianvacca - magistero dei bruscitti

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suppa da verzi, zucoria e strascianvacca

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Savoy Cabbage, Zucoria and Strascianvacca



Preparation time



- 1 dark cabbage
- 1 autumn chicory
- 1 "strascianvacca" dandelion salad
- virgin olive oil
- 1 stock cube
- pinch of meat extract
- herbs
- 1 tomato
- garlic
- pancetta
- 1 mixed bread
- pepper
- grated parmesan

Boil the dark cabbage leaves with autumn chicory (which is cut at the appropriate time and then regrown) and strascianvacca dandelion salad. Tear the cabbage leaves to remove the hard spines and blanch them in a little water. The rest of the required water will be extracted from the leaves by the heat. As they are now blanched and almost dry, add warm water, virgin olive oil, a stock cube, a pinch of meat extract, herbs, and simmer for at least an hour. Check the salt and add a diced tomato. Garlic to taste. At the last moment, and only for those who wish to indulge, cut a piece of pancetta into thin slices, sear them in a non-stick pan with a little olive oil and as soon as they are frying and starting to curl up, scatter them, along with the mixed bread croutons, on top of the soup that has been dished up.  Then pepper and plenty of parmigiano cheese. Cover the bowl with a plate and leave the soup to rest for a few minutes. In place of the pancetta, a spoon of cold bruscitti wouldn’t hurt either (delicious!).


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