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risotto con la luganiga

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Luganiga Risotto

The last Thursday of January, in the courtyards and piazze of Busto and in the surrounding area, a ritual is performed: the burning of "Giùbia", an evil old woman who symbolises the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Death and life therefore, the reality of yesterday and the unknown of tomorrow. After the saga of the fire, the ritual feast with risotto and luganiga follows.



Preparation time



- butter
- peeled and chopped sausage
- a glass of red wine
- onion
- carnaroli rice
- grated Parmesan cheese


Puts the butter in a large, flat saucepan, and waits a few minutes for the butter to melt before adding the finely chopped onions. Brown the onions and add the sausage pieces. Lightly sear the sausage and throw in the rice, preferably Carnaroli. When the rice is cooked, start adding a broth, possibly one made with stuffed chicken and some beef. The rice should be stirred so as to mix it well with the broth. Cooking takes about 15-20 minutes. Put the pieces of sausage in a pan and cook them for a moment, then halfway through cooking add a robust red wine to make a tasty sauce. The sausage mustn’t cook too long otherwise it could lose its original flavour. Once cooked, the rice should be made creamy with a generous sprinkling of grated parmigiano cheese. A good mix and the risotto is ready. The risotto is dished up, and you will see its creamy consistency. Make a little hollow in the centre and put the sausage pieces in it, with a little sauce. For each person there should be approximately two pieces of sausage. This is the risotto of the "Giubbia," which is a festival in Busto Arsizio celebrated on the last Thursday of January.


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