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pulti, fasoeu e verzi

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Pulti, Fasoeu and Savoy Cabbage

The "Pulti" are among the oldest recipes in the history of Bustocco cooking. For centuries people eat "Pulti" that did not require a dough, leavening, or cooking in the oven. "Pulti" were a direct continuation of dietary habits used in ancient Rome.



Preparation time



- 1 cabbage
- 1 onion
- 1 beef bone
- extra virgin olive oil
- parsley and galic
- lard
- beans
- pork rind
- durum wheat semolina


First of all, you need to stew an onion with two tablespoons of virgin olive oil. After the cabbage, add water, a beef bone, the pork rinds and the beans. When it comes to the boil, add the other ingredients. Then it is time to add the garlic, lard and parsley. By then the beans will be cooked and it's time to add the semolina and watch it become a beautiful pulti. Once upon a time spelt flour was used, but today we are accustomed to durum wheat semolina. It is then served with plenty of cheese and pepper. We cover it and let it rest for a moment until a thin film forms on the surface. And now, the ritual of putting a cross of oil on the Pulti, which is an ancient sign of the farmer’s gratitude.


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