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pulpeti da verzi

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Pulpeti da Verzi
(Cabbage Meatballs)



Preparation time



- lard
- parsley
- breadcrumbs
- beaten eggs white
- grated chees
- butter
- 1 cabbage


This cabbage queen of winter vegetable gardens should be parboiled so that it softens and is ready to hold the filling that we are going to put inside. Once prepared, the meatballs will be tied with string so that they don’t open up during the cooking process, and a good piece of butter is inserted to give flavour to the cabbage as it fries. While the butter in the frying pan is getting ready to receive the meatballs, Davide wraps them gently. They should be tied up with string and turned while cooking so that they fry consistently and assume that beautiful golden colour that shows the presence of the butter. The butter is ready. Food is eaten with the eyes, but sometimes also the ears. Listen to that pleasant sound of butter frying. And here they are: the wonderful-smelling, enticing, and fabulous pulpetti da verzi from Busto Grande.


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