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la rustisciana

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Harvest festival: the harvest of cocoons, the wheat harvest and grape picking. Those who had taken part in these tiring activities later took part in the closing ceremony of a good harvest. The "Rustisciana" is a dish that symbolises hard work, good returns, jubilation and thanksgiving. You might say that in our tradition it is the dish of friendship.



Preparation time



- 1 onion
- sage
- rosemary
- butter
- 2 fresh tomatoes
- strip of pork loin
- 1 sausage


The first step is to prepare the butter for frying with aromatic sage and rosemary, and above all, a good handful of rock salt. Now fry the onions until browned and perfume it with the butter and herbs. Then close it with a lid and leave it to cook slowly. Let it cook a bit with the lid on. Here Davide adds the tomato and leaves it to cook along with the rest until it all becomes a pulp. Now it's time to add the strips of sirloin, and let them cook a little. Finally, add some luganiga for each diner and the Rustisciana is ready. Here it is with a nice plate of polenta.


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