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The Magistero History

"Magistero dei Bruscitti di Busto Grande" is a gastronomic brotherhood founded in Busto in the year 1975.
The objectives are to defend and promote
the ancient culinary traditions of our beloved city, with its recipes, and the culture of dialect with conferences, publishing initiatives and also with constant, active presence in our city life.

The Magistero History, founded by Bruno Grampa with the support from the beginning of Ernani Ferrario, secretary for many years, is full of significant moments: periodic social cuisine events, one for each season, among which, the most important, the "Gioebia", the last Thursday of January, with the presence of many people including representatives of other brotherhoods, all gathered to celebrate with the rite of the fire, the end of winter and the hope of a new renaissance.

There are many trips out of our town to learn about the traditional cuisines of other places, meetings with other brotherhoods, twinning with the famous Confrairie  de la "Choucruite", publications in history and local  traditions as the well known  "Strenne del Magistero", evenings and courses of local cooking school.
Only after a thorought assessment, Magistero issues to worthy restaurants a certificate of "Master in Bustocco cuisine". Not least the charities with which the "Magistero" is present in time of need. For these reason it is always an impotant reference in solidarity initiatives.

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