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Cuisine and his Land

The Busto Arsizio cuisine is a rustic cuisine tied to popular culture and traditions that the "Magistero of Bruscitti" has spent more than thirty years defending. They have endeavoured to keep these traditions alive and to make them known even beyond the boundaries of Busto Arsizio. The land in the vicinity of Busto was and is very arid. The heath is an area characterized by acidic, nutrient-poor, uncultivated terrain that is covered in shrubby vegetation, rugo, heather, and broom. It was once covered by woodlands, which have since been destroyed by man. Carlo Azimonti was a lover of his area. He was the first to popularise Busto’s recipes, as well as their history and originality. Azimonti talks about the charm that these local rural areas hold for those still inclined to enjoy the simple little things: the breeze that stirs the heather seedlings, the lizards that peer out from the rocks, and the songs of the birds.

In one of his exquisit poems, Maurina Grampa helps us relive a sunset on the heath. (IL TRAMONTO).

Ernesto Bottigelli is another poet who wrote numerous Busto cuisine recipes in dialect. In his forward "Preambolo" he wrote that his modest, local recipes were designed to use what was already in the house so as to spend less, eat well and not waste anything.

The legendary Antaeus, or rather, Bruno Grampa, the poetic cantor of local cuisine and founder of the "Magistero" wrote: "Meliga, maize and rye were the meagre products of our lands, where sheep farming and pastures were virtually non-existent, therefore there was little meat, or milk, and little or no valuable produce. The pebbly terrain lent itself to the cultivation of grapevines, which, up until the mid-nineteenth century, allowed an abundant production of wine, spoken of by Foscolo and Porta. The grapevines disappeared due to the insect, phylloxera, and because of industries drawing farmers away from working the land. However, this is why the Busto cuisine includes the use of wine. Stuà in Consica, Rustisciada, Pan Moei, Pulti Fasoei and Verzi, Pulti and Macu, and especially Bruscitti, Bruscitti and more Bruscitti!

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